Survivors say, "F*ck domestic violence" in provocative educational video campaign


Fuck domestic violence.

Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence — an anti-abuse non-profit based in San Diego, California — released a provocative video campaign Sept. 27 featuring survivors aimed at raising funds for the organization's first-ever virtual curriculum on ending domestic abuse.

The survivors featured in the clip span multiple ages and genders: One young boy faces the camera and tells audiences there are an estimated 5 million children who witness domestic abuse in their homes each year. An older woman explains that an instance of domestic violence occurs every 90 seconds.

Break the Silence/YouTube

The survivors use the word "fuck" — very liberally — to call out how domestic violence is normalized and to point out that failing to speak out about domestic violence is far more offensive than cursing.

"Fuck DV for making us feel like it's normal," one female survivor says.

Break the Silence/YouTube

"Fuck DV because love isn't jealous, controlling, manipulative or life-threatening," says another.

The video campaign ends with survivors encouraging parents to set an example for their children and to talk about domestic violence with them. The survivors also encourage viewers to educate others in the classroom, community, family and friends.

Break the Silence/YouTube

People are spreading awareness about the Break the Silence campaign by using the #FUCKDV hashtag and by texting FUCKDV to 919-99.

Watch the full video below: