Donald Trump retweets account calling for "HUNTIN" of Black Lives Matter activists

Less than a half hour after the commencement of the first 2016 vice presidential debate between Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump retweeted a post saying "I agree" to a white supremacist calling Kaine a "cuckold."

In the original tweets, an account using the display name "John T. (vote Trump)" commented on the debate with the all-caps message "KAINE THE CUCKOLD IS QUITE AN INTERRUPTER!" Another account, "Elisa," responded "I agree. Kaine looks like a fool!"


Minutes later, Trump then quoted the second tweet to his main account, which is followed by 12.1 million other accounts.


The original "John T. (vote Trump)" account is obviously racist.

For one, the term cuckold has taken on obviously bigoted overtones in right-wing politics in recent years as a disparaging reference to interracial relationships.

Tweets on the account suggest the German government is conducting "white genocide" by supposedly encourage sex with refugees, call for retaliatory group "HUNTIN" of Black Lives Matter activists in response to the beating of a white teenager, and say mentally ill, unarmed black man Alfred Olango was "ASKIN 2 GET SHOT" by El Cajon, California police.

Other tweets on the account addressed the matter of refugee resettlement by saying "KILL THEM ALL, THATS RIGHT ALL!!" and suggested the murder of Queens, New York's Imam Alala Uddin Akongi was an example of the aphorism "WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND."

Trump's questionable decision to amplify the racist account is not, however, an anomaly.

Examples of the real-estate mogul's Twitter controversies this year include mocking and belittling women in sexist terms, posting an anti-Semitic image which had previously circulated on a white supremacist board, and retweeting an infographic featuring factually incorrect statistics on black crime originally created by neo-Nazis.