Mike Pence royally stepped in it with his "that Mexican thing" gaffe

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence clearly had had enough of Democratic counterpart Tim Kaine reminding Americans during Tuesday night's debate that Donald Trump had called Mexican immigrants "rapists" who bring "crime" to the United States.

After Kaine once again brought up Trump's comments in the final moments of the debate, Pence appeared to snap.

"Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again," Pence said.

The line made waves on Twitter, with many Latinos turning the perceived insult into a positive display of their contributions to the United States.

Others used the hashtag to say they contributed more to America than Donald Trump, who may not have paid federal income tax for nearly two decades, according to a New York Times analysis of Trump's leaked 1995 tax returns.

Meanwhile, some saw a GIF-able moment.

Overall, it's unlikely Pence's line will help the GOP ticket with Latino voters — polls show they're rejecting the Trump-Pence ticket in wide margins.