What color is this bag? The internet is divided on if it's blue or white.


Hey guys, quick question: What color is this bag?

On Tuesday, Twitter user @whyofcorso uploaded a seemingly innocuous photo of a brand new Kate Spade purse to Twitter, oblivious to the Pandora's box of unsolicited opinions the post was about to unleash.

The bag's shade, officially listed as "lakes edge," appears to be definitively blue on katespade.com, but Twitter users still weren't satisfied.

Kate Spade

The debate over the bag's color immediately drew comparisons to the infamous piece of internet memory known as "the dress," the photo of a lacy garment posted to Twitter in 2015 that appeared either black and blue or white and gold depending on who was looking at it.

As the debate over the Kate Spade accessory ("the bag"?) threatened to spiral out of control, one user attempted to restore peace by using photo editing software to suss out the purse's true shade.

But if there's one thing denizens of the internet know to be true, it's that you can never trust your eyes — or the comments — to show you the truth.