Ron Paul Supporters Are Critical For Romney to Win the Election, But Do Not Expect Them to Vote For Romney


Paulian does sound better. As though a new and nicer label will get their vote.

Throughout the entire 2012 campaign Ron Paul supporters have heard themselves called a host of names: Paulbots, Paultards, Wack-o’s, Crazies, or my favorite, Weed-loving Paul Pot Heads.

And now, just like the Paulians warned prior to the GOP convention, the power elite would not like the result if the issues Paul's supporters were promoting weren’t taken seriously. Insane things like, reducing government spending, bringing home the troops, restoring civil liberties and that really outlandish idea of having a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

The polls show the race between Obama and Romney is going to be a tight and the Paulbots/ Paultards/ Wack-o’s/ Crazies/ Weed-loving Paul Pot Heads vote could make all the difference. 

With the most current poll showing Obama 48% and Romney 46% according the continuous poll by the Rasmussen polling agency, those Paulians (many of whom have pledged support to libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and other third party candidates) and their vote are becoming ever-more critical for Romney.

With Gary Johnson reaching double digits in Ohio polling and possibly pulling key voting blocs in Maine, Johnson is doing relatively well nationally in polling 6% ... a number that could even climb between now and November 6.

Mainstream media have used derogatory terms for Ron Paul supporters, now that their vote is needed the media is playing nice.  Now Paul's supporters are being referred to as Paulians.

As a Paul supporter I really like the name Paulian much better than being called Paulbot or Paultard or Wack-o, or Crazy. The Weed-loving Paul Pot Head lable just makes me laugh. 

But, gee…regardless of what I am called, I don’t think I will be supporting either Obama or Romney in this lifetime.