Samantha Bee talks to Trump supporters who think the election is rigged — only if he loses


Some of Donald Trump's supporters entertain a compelling philosophy about the election process. If Trump wins — well, that's a good thing and America is great again — but if he loses to Hillary Clinton, the election format has been rigged in her favor. Considering Trump has a sign-up page for his supporters to be unofficial poll watchers, it's clear he's fanning the paranoia flames — despite what he promised at the first presidential debate.

"In the debate, Trump said he would accept the results of the election and graciously not pursue a coup d'état," Full Frontal host Samantha Bee said on Wednesday's show. "But that promise — like Trump's wedding vows — lasted about four days." 

Trump has since insisted the eagle-eyed poll watchers hone in on Pennsylvania — a swing state — and so Bee sent correspondents Allana Harkin and Amy Hoggart to a Trump rally to speak with his supporter base. They were treated to exchanges like this. 

"So it's rigged if Hillary wins, but not rigged if Trump wins?" Harkin asked a supporter. 

"Exactly," he replied.

"Isn't that like saying just any woman who didn't want to date you was a lesbian?" she said. 



Some of the supporters said they had already signed up to be poll watchers, where they'll be on the lookout for the likes of people who "come in twice or change their hats." But others, including one supporter Hoggart spoke with, suggested he'd try and sway voters to choose Trump on the spot. 

"So you're checking that other people don't do what you're doing ... so you can win?" Hoggart posited.

"Well, no, so America can win," he responded. 


You can check out the segment from Full Frontal below: