Special Relationship podcast: 'Washington Post' and 'Bild' editors on media and politics


The media is under siege in this election — and the phenomenon isn't limited to the campaign for U.S. president.

In the latest episode of Special Relationship, the trans-Atlantic politics podcast from Mic and the Economist, two influential news editors from the America and Europe talk about about covering politics in an era when people think they're entitled not just to their own opinions, but their own facts.

Marty Baron, Pulitzer Prize-winning executive editor of the Washington Post, speaks about the moral obligation — and occasional frustrations — of truth-telling against the backdrop of an extraordinary election fight between two candidates who are by turns openly hostile toward and suspicious of the press.

From Germany, Bild digital editor in chief Julian Reichelt weighs in on the struggle of Europe's meganews outlet to combat the "post-factual" criticisms of a radical right and left that are waging an information war against what they attack as the "Lügenpresse" — the "lying press."

Listen here:

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