666 Park Avenue Review: Not the Horror Story It Is Made Out to Be, But It is Still Good TV


The 666 Park Avenue pilot episode had some promise. You may like this show if American Horror Story was too graphic. This was supposed to be a ABC's scary answer just in time for Halloween, however, it's not scary. It's creepy in a good way ... but scary? Maybe for little kids or people who have phobias of old buildings.

We learned a lot in the pilot episode. Jane is a spunky Midwestern gal with an architectural and restoration background (how conveinient). She is interested by the building and currently without a job so shes' just digging into the history. Jane and her boyfriend Henry have chemistry but aren't corny together. They both seem to be incredibly dense though to the dark shenanigans going around them.

High Point: Lost's Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams are heavy hitters. Their on-screen presense is amazing. O'Quinn and Williams have proven themselves to be prime-time superstars, but they play particularly well off each other as the building's devious owners. Williams wasn't even on camera for very many scenes but whenever she is be sure to buckle up. We know O'Quinn is evil but you kind of want to cheer for the bad guys.

Pros: There's no shortage of dramatic and creepy sequences (secret rooms! Murderous elevators! Petty thieves!) in the pilot, and with all the number of plot points introduced, they have plenty of material to work with throughout the series. Could we possibly also have a pyschic?

Struggles: Aside from Jane, Henry, and the owners, the pilot introduces a lot of characters, and it can be a little confusing about who is who, which people live in the building, and what their issues are. Also, if each episode we go room by room and everyone has their own little melodrama it could be boring. I hope they flesh out the minor characters but stick to a main plot.

Overall: I am intrigued. I saw the foundation and while it's not without flaws and maybe some rough patches, I am curious. I will be tuning in ... but I wouldn't sell my soul for this show ....We have a killer elevator, a playwright with a wandering eye (is the girl the same as from the newspaper clipping who jumped off the roof?), Henry's ambition and connections to the mayor may be his downfall, and Jane's curiosity is going to kill a cat ... or worse.