This brilliant iPhone hack is the perfect solution to that "ducking" autocorrect problem


Nothing ruins a vehement execration like an inadvertent mallard. 

I'm talking about when you want to tell your friend you're fucking starving and to hurry the fuck up, but your iPhone changes it to "ducking" and "duck."

We're nearing Apple's 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and the device still refuses to recognize common curse words. (Steve Jobs memorably insisted on keeping the iPhone PG-rated.) Damn! But one genius posted a workaround on Twitter that let's you drop expletives with ease. 

So brilliant! So simple! 

Just create a new iPhone contact for "fuck fucker" (or any other curse words that your operating system tries to autocorrect) for unobstructed swearing. Any time you try to write "fuck" on the iPhone, Apple will think you're mentioning a friend, and your phone will never duck you over again.

It works.