Audio of Trump's sexist remarks is the most devastating indictment of his character yet


Donald Trump's contempt for women is well-documented. 

He's called them "pigs," "slobs" and "dogs." He's fat shamed them, called them ugly and suggested women don't have a "presidential look" because they are weaker then men.

He's sought to write all of those ugly comments off, claiming they were "entertainment." He didn't mean any harm; he just wanted attention and laughs. 

Then there's the 2005 audio of Trump — leaked on Friday by the Washington Post — in which the newly married Trump muses about trying to "fuck" married women and "grab them by the pussy" because he was a celebrity who could "do anything" with women.

The comments were caught on a hot mic. Trump was unaware the public would ever hear him advocating what can only be described as sexual assault. 

He has no grounds to claim this was entertainment. 

Trump didn't say these things for show. He made these repulsive comments while chumming it up on a bus with a fellow media personality. 

In short: What Trump said behind closed doors is who he is. 

Trump even admitted this was a private conversation he never thought would be publicly consumed.

In a half-hearted nonapology, Trump called his words "locker room banter" from "a private conversation that took place many years ago."

That alone is a tacit admission that his blatant misogyny and lack of respect for women is real. 

When you use such foul and disrespectful words about women behind closed doors, it stretches credulity to argue that's not what you truly believe in your heart of hearts.

That revelation alone is the most damning thing to happen to Trump's flailing presidential hopes to date.