Did Obama or Romney Win the Debate: Romney is Clear Winner, Was More Aggressive and Hard Hitting


 On Wednesday, the entire country will be focused on the first presidential debate between incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. This will be the first time we will see the two presidential candidates on the same stage.

Compelling Storylines: Amid Romney's comments regarding the 47% of Americans who will not vote for him, how will he escape Obama's portrayal of him as out of touch with the middle class. Similarly, the president is on the defensive as Romney and the Republican base have heavily criticized his promise to provide 1,000,000 manufacturing jobs, as he has not provided any specifics. The two candidates' tax plans will also be scrutinized. In the midst of a stagnating economy, how will Obama justify raising taxes on the upper echelons of society, or the job-creators as the GOP likes to put it? Conversely, the Obama administration has accused Romney of advocating for $2,000 tax increase of the middle class. 

How will both candidates respond to these challenges to their economic plans and put forth their very different visions for America? Stay tuned to see how each candidate's talking points resonate with a controlled group of college students!

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10:30 - Romney's job creating wand will create 12 million new jobs. How!?

10:29 - Eh, this closing statement by Obama does not really have a big impact. He's trying to be honest, but the emotional appeal is not going to the degree that it should. He seems hesitant. 

10:26 - WAIT A MINUTE! Congress didn't vote on Bin Laden. That was Obama's call. Why did he pass the buck?

10:25 - Romney's appeal to emotions but not compromising values is a fantastic play. By reitterating the 87% democratic legislature point really helps him.

10:23 - Wait, Massachusetts number 1 in education is because of Romney only?

10:23 - School's don't give grades, Romney? I didn't know that

10:22 - What's wrong with $90 billion to green jobs; how is that a misallocation of funds?

10:21 - ZINGER by Romney. The response on education isn't as good as it could be though

10:20 - Wow, they are agreeing on business and community colleges! Great!

10:19 - Is this the third or forth time he's mentioned Race to the top? He needs a new talking point. 

10:14 - Race to the top... Obama's playing the RACE card! Obama education plan is resonating

10:08 - Really privatization works Romney? Everywhere in Europe uses a government plan!

10:07 - The Fed Board is unelected too... Does Romney want us to elect doctors to serve on Obamacare board?

10:05 - The moment Obama said "Obamacare" the male rating on the ticker went straight down on CNN.

10:03 - A Republican idea! And the same advisors as Romney. Great Obama point!

10:03 - Romney is really slamming back against Obama: Taxes, Board, Insurance. 

10:02 - A low blow by Romney about not having a single Republican vote

10:01 - Romneycare bomb dropped. Looking forward to the response!

10:00 - Obama is taken aback by Romney's agressiveness. He even seems unsure about his own plan 

9:58 - However there's still more room for private investment in the medical system

9:57 - Romney getting really aggressive on ACA. A friend's dad has half as much money for emergency room care

9:56 - How did they let Romney go on "Bring back housing"?

9:54 - Obama trying to make Romney seem anti-regulation, right after Romney said he supports regulation 

9:52 - Romney hammering the regulation point... I think everyone understands it now!

9:51 - Mind is blown by Romney saying that regulation is good. Here comes the specifics about Dodd-Frank! 

9:50 - Professor Obama is going off again, but he's not passionate. Jim Lehrer is the voice of reason! 

9:49 -  Means testing medicare requirements? Smart idea!

9:49 - Of course you want a private plan Romney. You have tons of money.

9:48 - Romney, what about the future!? What about vouchers!?

9:47- Did he just say that? Social security is structural sound 

9:44 - Contrast on MediCare is a great talking point by Romney, but also proposals for young people 

9:42 - Don't listen any longer about entitlements older people... unless you actually care about your kids

9:41 - Entitlement means give me money I'm dependent, it means I'm owed something... give me something back! Great point by Obama

9:40 - Whoa, the democrat mentioned Reagan first!? What a surprise!

9:39 - I don't know, therefore it does not exist... the Romney strategy referring to business

9:38 - Romney's mention of industrial cuts to green industry was a great retort to the oil company cuts

9:37 - Room becomes silent over Medicaid talk. Obviously college kids here

9:35 - Exxon-Mobil statement is really pleasing to everyone

9:34 - Why are they still talking about taxes? Can we get more topics

9:33 - Romney cutting Obama off is distasteful to the viewers

9:32 - Romney is speaking with much more passion than Obama is right now. He's putting Obama on the defensive

9:30 - Obama brings up Bowles-Simpson again, but he didn't accept it!

9:28 - Obama reciting the same platitudes about he inherited a terrible economy. He needs a new talking point

9:27 - Romney finally giving specifics! Absolutely, great reproach. "I like it," (Obama's response to obamacare) generates great responses

9:25 - Wait, but Reagan's plan in 1986 took the same approach as Romney is proposing

9:24 - Are they seriously debating with the moderator?

9:23 - Obama's still sounding very professorial, by referring to math and slow job growth

9:22 - Romney's response to Obama is solid by bringing up Bowles-Simpson that Obama refused 

9:21 - Obama is on his back foot right no, he's looking weak in responses

9:20 - Donald Trump is just sitting in his loft nodding and agreeing

9:20 - Its interesting how their taking ownership of legislation arbritraily that actually came from Congress

9:19 - "His big bold idea is nevermind." Everyone reacts well!

9:18 - Really regressive sounding tax rates by Romney

9:18 - Romney sounds rude but the CNN ticker is going up

9:17 - Everyone is laughing at Romney's allegation that Obama is lying. BUT WHERE IS HIS PLAN?

9:16 - Dropping the tax policy center bomb again on Romney, but Obama stepped back and said "this isn't my analysis." Sounds like weakness

9:15 - Obama is already looking a little shaky with his stuttering 

9:14 - Romney sounds just like clean coal. Its a myth!

9:14 - Shaking head to Romney's allegation that oil increases only happened on private land

9:13 - Romney talking about agriculture? Too bad House Republicans couldn't pass the farm bill

9:12 - How can they both be champions of the middle class?

9:12 - Tax Relief?... that's different from a tax cut?

9:11 - The moment Obama went on the attack, questions about is this actually Romney's plan?

9:11 - Lower corporate taxes, doesn't seem to make headway with us

9:10 - Loving the education references, but very skeptical

9:09 - Small business is so hard to start anyways! 

9:08 - Five points by Romney, the graph on CNN loves it! 

9:07 - Romney's opening statement makes him sound like Jesus

9:08 - Whoa Romney made a joke!

9:07 - Why is the graph divided by gender, but not by race or economic level? 

9:06 - College stuents love the education reference

9:05 - Questions about the ticker... winning the female vote already?

9:04 - Opening statement with happy anniversary... CAUSED MOVEMENT IN THE LINE

9:01 - The group is upset that we don't have a squiggly line to monitor their reactions... WHoops. HERE WE GO!

8:58 - FDR, Reagan the key words for tonight!

8:53 - I FEEL LIKE THEY CARE! (College students response to pre debate talk)

8:46 - The CNN Spin Room sounds like a propaganda machine... great analysis though!

8:28 - Obama won the coin toss... I didn't know the debate was now the NFL


8:03 - Mitt's big chance? Absolutely!


7:48 PM: Considering how close the debate will be to Aurora, CO, will the candidates talk about guns?

11:53 AM: Poll numbers showing a closer race? 


11:39 AM: Its not just the economy stupid, and 5 things to watch for tonight


10:08 AM: Everyone agrees. Romney needs to show up big tonight.


9:59 AM: Hannity dropped "bombshell" last night. Will it really hurt the Obama Campaign as much as the 47% remarks hurt Romney? You decide.

10/3 12:48 AM: But don't forget about the Obama that I used to know!

10/3, 12:46 AM: The night before the debate is a great time for a Romney Parody!

10/3, 12:11 AM: Check the up to date RCP graph! It may change after this debate


10/2, 11:48 PM: Less than 24 hours away from the debate, many are very obviously excited. Can't wait to see the two candidates on stage together.