Dexter Season 7 Premiere Recap: The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag, Thank God


For all those of you who tuned in to watch Dexter last night, can we please share a moment of celebration? The moment that we have been painfully waiting for has finally arrived, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Debra is finally putting the puzzle pieces together to figure out why her big brother (or love interest?) is so weird. To sum it up, Season 7 is everything we have been waiting for since season 4, but Dexter fans know they loved every painfully routine moment.

The episode started off exactly where it left off in the Season 6 finale. The only thing that definitely seemed wrong was that Dexter convinced Debra that he “snapped” and killed Travis, not that he meticulously killed Travis, following a strict code, and receives joy out of it. At this point, it seemed like no one could be stupid enough to buy into this story. It just seemed so well executed. We underestimate the naivety of Debra when it comes to Dexter though.

It is right around this moment where it seems like Showtime was going to give us what we have been waiting for. Dexter and Debra make the crime scene look like a suicide, Dexter goes after his next kill, and Debra can’t seem to shake off her gut feeling. It seems like the show is going to wrap up the same way we have seen in the past, and then the game changer of all game changers happens!

Debra stopped sitting around being all angry and mopey and moves into action. She finds the evidence she needs to affirm the gut feeling she had about Dexter and strips down his apartment. When Dexter comes in from another successful kill, he walks in to see a very perturbed Debra with his trophy blood slides, knives, and other prized possessions. Cue the dialogue.

Deb: "Did you kill all these people?"

Dexter: "I did."

Deb: "Are you a serial killer?"

Dexter: "Yes."

There you have it folks. A new season of Dexter is about to take place and madness will ensue. Debra officially knows about Dexter’s dark pass. Dexter will have to share all the twisted details to his deeds, and Debra will have to leave the cop in her out of this … finally. Thank you, Showtime.

Season 7 of Dexter airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on Showtime.