How to make a pumpkin keg — you know you want to


Pumpkin beer is great and all, but why not step up your seasonal booze game with an actual pumpkin? Sure, you could hollow out some mini pumpkins to use as beer mugs, but if you really want to get into the pumpkin spirit, you're going to need a pumpkin keg. Easier than carving a jack-o'-lantern (seriously!), a pumpkin keg is the fall drinking accessory we all need in our flannel and beanie covered lives. Never made one before? Here's how to do it!

Materials you'll need for your pumpkin keg

- Medium - large sized pumpkin

eHow expertly instructs how easy it is to make a pumpkin keg... (witch costume not necessary):

Step one: Carve off the top of your pumpkin


Just like making a jack-o'-lantern, you'll want to carve on an angle so that the top doesn't fall in.

Step 2: Scoop out the pumpkin guts


Save the seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds make great drinking snacks. 

Step 3: Place the faucet on the lower part of the pumpkin


And trace an outline around the faucet. 

Step 4: Cut out the small piece you outlined


This is all the cutting you have to do! See? 

Step 5: Put the faucet in the hole


Shove the faucet in tightly so your beer doesn't leak.

Step 6: It's beer time! 


Pour bottles or cans of pumpkin, or your favorite autumnal beer, into the keg and then toast to your magnificent creation!