Hillary Clinton didn't wear an American flag pin to the debate — And Twitter dragged her

Criticizing women for what they wear or don't wear is still in style, apparently. 

On Sunday night, as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took the stage, conservative Twitter users noticed that Clinton was missing one accessory: an American flag pin. 

They were not happy. 

Twitter results showing Twitter users tweeting about Hillary Clinton not wearing an American flag pin. Twitter

Clinton has received this criticism before. When she received the Democratic party nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July, Twitter levied the same criticisms against her. 

Defending her wardrobe is nothing new for Clinton. Neither is Hillary being held to a double standard.  Several Republican candidates also did not wear American flag pins to their conventions. 

As Twitter user Ben Collins wrote after the post-convention flag pin scandal, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and John McCain did not wear American flag pins while accepting the nominations at their respective Republican conventions. 


A cheap piece of plastic is not the same thing as patriotic spirit. On a night when the two candidates are discussing the issues, that people are talking about flag pins is certainly a sad state of affairs.