Warren vs Brown Polls: Massachusetts Race Will Help Democrats Keep Control of the Senate


With poll after poll showing the Romney/Ryan ticket seemingly unable to stop its free fall ahead of the first presidential debate, attention is turning to the Senate and whether Republicans will be able to snatch control of the chamber from fired-up Democrats -- who currently control the chamber and are projected to continue to do so, despite defending more competitive seats than the GOP. 

Here's how the 10 more competitive senate races in the country fare so far: 

1. Massachusetts: Incumbent Senator Scott Brown (R) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D): 

Most Recent Poll: Warren 43%, Brown 38% 

RCP Average: Warren 46.5%, Brown 45.5%

Projected Winner: Warren

2. Missouri: Incumbent Senator Clair McCaskill (D) vs. Rep. Todd Akin (R)

Most Recent Poll: McCaskill 49%, Akin 43% (Rasmussen Reports 9/11)

RCP Average: McCaskill 48%, Akin 42.7%

Projected Winner: McCaskill

3. Connecticut: Rep. Chris Murphy (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R)

Most Recent Poll: Murphy 48%, McMahon 42% 

RCP Average: Murphy 43.7%, McMahon 41.7%

Projected Winner: Murphy

4. Nevada: Incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R) vs. Shelly Berkley (D)

Most Recent Poll: Heller 49%, Berkley 42% 

RCP Average: Heller 44.8%, Berkley 42.8%

Projected Winner: Heller

5. Virginia: Tim Kaine (D) vs. George Allen (R)

Most Recent Poll: Kaine 44%, Allen 44% 

RCP Average: Kaine 47.8%, Allen 44.2%

Projected Winner: Kaine

6. Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin (D) vs. Tommy Thompson (R)

Most Recent Poll: Baldwin 52%, Thompson 40% 

RCP Average: Baldwin 49.2%, Thompson 44.2%

Projected Winner: Baldwin

7. Indiana: Richard Mourdock (R) vs. Joe Donnelly (D)

Most Recent Poll: Donnelly 42%, Mourdock 40%

RCP Average: Donnelly 40%, Mourdock 38%

Projected Winner: Mourdock

8. Montana: Incumbent Sen. Jon Tester (D) vs. Denny Rehberg

Most Recent Poll: Rehberg 48%, Tester 45% 

RCP Average: Rehberg 46.0%, Tester 44.3%

Projected Winner: Rehberg

9. Maine: Angus King (I) vs. Charlie Summers (R) vs. and Cynthia Dill (D)

Most Recent Poll: King 45%, Summers 33%, Dill 14% 

RCP Average: King 44%, Summers 32%, Dill 14.3%

Projected Winner: King

10. North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp (D) vs. Rick Berg (R)

Most Recent Poll: Berg 49%, Heitkamp 40% 

RCP Average: Berg 48.7%, Heitkamp 43.7%

Projected Winner: Berg