Seth Schneider's phone-dropping high-five selfie launched a viral craze. Can you do it?


Just when you thought humanity had figured out every possible way to take a selfie, along comes the high-five phone-dropping stunt. Seth Schneider, a student at North Carolina State University, created an internet sensation on Saturday when he tweeted a photo he took while he high-fived himself.

How'd he pull it off? Well, look:

In just a few days, the tweet has racked up more than 173,000 retweets and 435,000 likes, and tons of people are trying it out for themselves. So how does someone take a photo with no hands? "By taking advantage of the phone camera's initial delay when taking a picture," Schneider said in a tweet. Just "push the button and be speedy." 

Obviously you're putting your phone at risk by trying this selfie technique, since you're literally dropping it. Schneider won't take the blame for your busted iPhone, though. "I am not responsible for any broken phones," his Twitter bio reads. 

Check out some of the great clapping selfies people have taken:  


The selfie high-five hearkens back to the days of the Selfie Olympics in 2014. We were so young and naive then. Remember when all you had to do to get your selfie to go viral was fill your bathroom with plastic balls?