First Presidential Debate: Who Won, Full Coverage, Obama Romney Debate Analysis


Obama and Romney take the stage on Wednesday night int his election season's first presidential debate. Millions of viewers across the country will tune in, and their performances will almost certainly affect the polls, so the question of the evening will undoubtedly be: Who will pull out a win and gain some much-needed momentum?

Both candidates have been downplaying their approach to the debates, in an effort not to excite their supporters in case they happen to underperform. But, with the first debate focusing on domestic issues, including jobs, the economy, health care, and social services, there is no doubt that both candidates have an opportunity to shine. The real question will be: Can Romney win a debate about health care, particularly if women's health (i.e. abortions, and birth control) are mentioned? And, can Obama convince America that he really has had a positive impact on the American economy since he took office?

Either way, this Ohio conservative will be providing up-to date live commentary on both the ridiculous and sensible remarks sure to emerge from both candidates' mouths on that fateful Wednesday evening.

PolicyMic will be covering the presidential debate live. For live updates bookmark and refresh this page.

UPDATE: 9:35 PM: Is Obama seriously advocating raising taxes on oil companies?

UPDATE: 9:28PM: And, once again, Romney's presenting a real plan. And, Obama is back to blaming Bush for tax cuts that he was in favor of renewing! Obama is trying to defend actions that clearly haven't worked--the deficit has grown, and it's not all Bush's (or the economy's) fault. Oh, there he goes taxing the rich to solve all our problems.

UPDATE: 9:19PM: Romney's being proactive, I like it. But, he needs to keep his cool a little more, otherwise Obama's going to look like a victor. However, the Pres is stumbling and Mitt's speaking pretty clearly. Plus, I don't think Obama understands economics. Romney wants to close the loopholes in the tax code (a flat tax? pretty, pretty please?), which would produce a lot more tax revenue. Romney's cooling off in his response, and, of course, is back on offense and not on defense.

UPDATE: 9:15 PM: Obama's throwing around big numbers that have been proven false before. Plus, he's relying on his rhetorical skill--lots of mentions of the poor and the middle class, but nothing like Romney's facts to back it up.

UPDATE: 9:12 PM Romney's hitting the facts pretty hard--I'm a little impressed.

UPDATE: 9:10 PM: Good job, Obama, mentioning hiring more teachers. And, of course, you extended the Bush tax cuts, Mr. President. 

UPDATE: 9:06 PM: Way to play the wife card, Barack. And, of course, not a substantive answer. You can only say prosperity depends on the middle class so often. As for mentioning energy jobs, well, Obama has not been supportive of the shale boom in Ohio that has definitely added jobs. In other news, good job Romney for giving a real answer. 

UPDATE: 7:15 PM: Ahead of tonight's debate NBC Nightly News is speculating that the candidates might take today's events in Syria as an opportunity to turn a domestic debate into a foreign one, especially since a Romney aid reports that the candidate has a speech on Libya that he wants to give in the next few days. Should the debate stay domestic, or is Syria's attack of Turkey enough of a reason to warrant a distraction from economic concerns?

UPDATE: 9:01 PM: Who cares how many degrees they have from Ivy League schools? Just because they graduated doesn't mean they'll debate well. Certainly no one will claim Bush, a Yale grad was our most articulate president.