The 'Planet Earth 2' trailer's 16 animals, ranked

Are you sick of this divisive election? Take a seat and consider with me for a moment our infinitesimal existence on planet Earth, with the first trailer for Planet Earth 2. The follow-up to David Attenborough's acclaimed documentary series teases more of what you'd expect: stunning visuals, poignant commentary, soothing music — and of course, awesome animals. 

How many do they pack into the one-minute trailer? According to my count, there are 16 (if you count the green, glowly fungus-like thing, which I want to). 

But if the animal kingdom's taught us anything, it's that mother nature functions on the notion of survival of the fittest, which means competition. So who were the best animals in the Planet Earth 2 trailer? I've ranked all 16, using viable metrics like cuteness, which ones made me LOL or ROFTLMAO and each animal's GIF-worthy actions. 

1. A nonchalant swimming sloth 


2. Two hawks, one nest 


3. A thirsty monkey


4 and 5. A lion and giraffe arguing over whether Mr. Robot season 2 is good or not

Giraffe and LionGiphy

6. This hungry chameleon


7. This monkey auditioning for Guy Ritchie's Aladdin 

Flying monkeyGiphy

8. The aforementioned green fungus thing — aka your future screensaver 

Green fungus thing!Giphy

9. Flying lizard giving Dracula vibes 

Flying LizardGiphy

10. A brooding Komodo dragon — the fourth and least-known dragon of Daenerys Targaryen

Komodo Dragon!Giphy

11. Happy puffins (not the cereal

These puffins thoughGiphy

12. This beetle's audition for another inevitable Tremors sequel

You're doing God's workGiphy

13. Here comes Dat Boi!

Oh shit, waddup!Giphy

14. Did you know that most of a cave is just fossilized bat poop

Fun facts!Giphy

15. This unamused hyena

You sucked in 'The Lion King' Giphy

16. Finally, a toucan, because I hate Froot Loops

More like toucan'tGiphy