Revolution TV Show Episode 3: Highest Rated Drama on TV Keeps on Winning


It is very clear at this point that the ratings hit of this TV season is the sci-fi drama Revolution. For the series premiere in September the ratings were the highest for any premiere in the past three years; the episode pulled in 11.7 million viewers. The show was so popular NBC rebroadcast it various times on the network. For its second week, Revolution dipped an expected 15% and brought in ratings of 9.3 million

With ratings numbers like this there is of course excitement, but there is also trepidation. The last NBC premiere to receive such high numbers was The Bionic Woman which brought in 13 million for its 2007 season premiere. The show lost substantial viewers with each successive week and only lasted a total of eight episodes. NBC is doing all that it can to make sure Revolution doesn't meet a similar fate. 

Tonight as we tune in for episode 3, NBC will certainly be closely monitoring those numbers. The show, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in a world without electricity, follows a slew of characters as they battle the elements in their new power-less world. On the third episode fans will get a look back at the post black-out world and hopefully some clues as to what made the power go out. Nora will lead Miles and Charlie back to the rebel camp, and Maggie and Aaron will search for Grace. At NBC headquarters, they will surely be monitoring to make sure that the numbers don't dip too far below the 9 million mark. 

Check out a sneak-peek of tonight's episode: 

Tune in for the third episode of Revolution Oct. 1 on NBC at 10:00 pm ET.