Miami-Dade, Florida, presidential polls: Here's where Trump and Clinton stand with voters

Donald Trump is on a campaign swing through Florida in a bid to boost his failing poll numbers. Though Trump has had a prominent presence in south Florida since his purchase of the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach in 1985, voters have yet to reward him for it. 

In the past couple weeks, surveys show Hillary Clinton has retaken a slight lead in the Sunshine State. A Trump loss in Florida would all but seal the election for Clinton, requiring him to assemble a coalition of other swing states that aren't currently trending his way.

Is Clinton or Trump winning Miami-Dade County?

Miami-Dade County is Florida's largest population center. The county of about 2.7 million people is 67% Hispanic. Back in May, a poll found Clinton was drawing more than twice as much support among Miami-Dade residents as Trump. Miami traditionally supports Democratic candidates. But the city's politics are complicated by its large Cuban-American population, a group that traditionally votes Republican but has had reservations about Trump.

Clinton aimed to capitalize on this earlier this week during a rally with Al Gore. Hearkening back to his 2000 election loss, where the deciding votes came down to Florida, Gore told supporters at Miami Dade College, "Your vote really, really, really counts."