Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Latest Polls Show People Like Booze


Official 2012 Election Presidential Debate Drinking Game

October 3, 2012, 9:00pm

As if the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney weren’t exciting enough on their own, PolicyMic is here with the official drinking game of the 2012 presidential election. The first debate is Wednesday October 3, at 9pm, and is on domestic policy. Naturally, I'll be playing along while live-blogging the debate from a bar. (Not going to lie: things could get messy.) So grab your favorite beer or cocktail, sit back, watch, and tie one on!

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WARNING: Drinking heavily during presidential debates may cause liver damage and can lead to incoherent arguments about politics.  

When words are in quotes, that means you take a drink the for duration of time indicated when either candidate uses those words in the debate. 

THE GIMMEES (2 Seconds)

"Class warfare"


"Tax cut(s)"

"Forty-seven percent"

"Fair share"

"Small business(es)"

THE PROBABLES (3 seconds)



"My opponent"





"Job killing" or "job killer(s)"

"Fast and furious"

Split-screen shot of candidates

Either candidate references spouse

Either candidate mentions a "Joe the Plumber"



"That’s not true” or “That's not accurate"

"This election is about..."

"This election is not about..."

Either candidate makes obvious gaffe                

Romney laughs nervously                   

THE BLACKOUT-INDUCERS (10 seconds)                       


Obama says someone didn't build that

Romney tries to make a wager