'Final Fantasy 15': Release date, characters, trailer and more


Final Fantasy 15 is the upcoming installment of Square Enix's popular RPG series. The game has been described as a "reincarnation" and marks a major shift in gameplay, particularly combat. Final Fantasy 15 has been in development for 10 years — an astounding amount of time, even for a series of its ambition. So what's the scoop on this new edition? Here's what we know.

Final Fantasy 15 release date

Final Fantasy 15 finally arrives on Nov. 29, over 10 years since the game was first announced at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It fought through years of cancellation rumors and delayed release dates, but Final Fantasy 15 is almost here at last. Needless to say, anticipation for the game is extremely high. 

Final Fantasy 15 trailer

What will those eager fans get when they finally get their hands on this game? Below is an official Final Fantasy 15 trailer that was screened at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. You might want to find a quiet spot to watch in. In typical Final Fantasy fashion, the video is highly cinematic. 

Final Fantasy 15 characters and plot

Noctis Lucis Caelum, crown prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, is Final Fantasy 15's main protagonist and the game's sole playable character. Described by Game Informer as a "complex character who has dealt with a lot of emotional turmoil in his life," Noctis must lead his three friends — Gladiolus Amicitia (a bodyguard), Ignis Scientia (a prodigy military officer) and Prompto Argentum (a reckless-but-loyal former classmate) — on a journey to locate the world's last crystal in order to defeat the enemy nation of Niflheim.

It's hard to predict if the game's lengthy development will be worth the wait, but we'll find out soon when Final Fantasy 15 arrives in November.