Cheap flights? Airline tickets to these 10 international cities are lowest this winter

Got some leftover vacation days lying around? You might want to put them to work in Costa Rica. 

That's according to the findings from Kayak's latest ranking of wallet-friendly overseas travel destinations, with San Jose, Costa Rica, topping the list. 

Flights to San Jose — originating from cities across the United States and Canada — are expected to be 35% cheaper than the median airfare for international flights from "November through January roughly," Kayak's David Solomito said in a phone interview with Mic. 

Sometimes factors like fluctuating energy costs can make flights to certain cities cheaper — since longer flights use more fuel — but in general, airfare prices are driven by supply and demand, Solomito said. 

Another city that made the list is Reykjavik, Iceland, he said: "There's been an increase in low-cost carriers going to Reykjavik, which is increasing competition and driving down prices."

Your point of origin will determine the exact price you pay, of course, but here here are the 10 most affordable cities to fly to, ranked by the discount on airfare compared to the median.

10. Lima, Peru 

6% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

It's a little farther and thus a little more expensive to get to than the other cities on the list, but for an adventurous traveler, Lima might be worth it — especially if you're into food. According to Fodor, Lima boasts "some of the best bites on the continent."

Water views and finger foods. Fotos593/Shutterstock

9. Dublin, Ireland 

13% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

Dublin is slightly more expensive to get to than Reykjavik, but you'll be treated to a bevy of affordable dining and lodging options that offset the cost, Solomito said. And you'll find some of the best pubs in the world. 

Fancy a pint? Helen O'Neill/AP

8. Reykjavik, Iceland

26% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

In addition to being a cheap flight from the United States, Reykjavik is rapidly becoming a popular getaway destination for the holidays, Solomito said. Reykjavik, the northern-most capital in the world, has a renowned nightlife

Glaciers plus night clubs equals one epic getaway.  SvedOliver/Shutterstock

7. Guatemala City, Guatemala

26% lower than the median airfare for international flights

Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America — and is packed with monuments, museums and other tourist attractions.

Guatemala City: sightseeing heaven. Henryk Sadura/Shutterstock 

6. San Salvador, El Salvador 

29% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

El Salvador is branded by some as Central America's most "underrated country," and its capital — San Salvador — has incredible beaches with fewer crowds than you'd see elsewhere, especially if you venture outside of the city.  

If you hit San Salvador, natural wonders like the El Boqueron crater are right outside the city. John Crux/Shutterstock

5. Managua, Nicaragua 

30% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

Lonely Planet cautions that Managua can be "chaotic" — but the city offers incredible street art and beaches for the adventurous traveler. 

Managua is off the beaten path, but people rave about the beaches. Riderfoot/Shutterstock

4. Bogota, Colombia

30% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

If you're looking for a Latin American vacation with a cosmopolitan bent, try Bogota. It won't be hot, but it's sure to be festive, especially as you get closer to the holidays — when nightly fireworks light up the sky.

Bogota is famous for its colorful buildings. Jess Kraft/Shutterstock 

3. Belize City, Belize 

32% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

The capital of Belize is situated on the water. In addition to Caribbean beaches, Belize is also home to nature preserves and Mayan temples, just outside of the city.

Belize is less bustling than Panama City, and you're right on the Caribbean. Fotos593/Shutterstock

2. Panama City, Panama

33% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

Panama City also features attractive views of the water: The famous Las Bóvedas promenade overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is a great spot to catch live music.

Panama City overlooks the Pacific.Alfredo Maiquez/Shutterstock 

1. San Jose, Costa Rica 

35% lower than the median airfare for international flights 

San Jose is a go-to destination for surfers and beachgoers, Solomito said. The average temperature during the holiday season is about 72 degrees, and many beaches are within a short drive from the city. 

Jungles and beaches are both within reach. alexilena/Shutterstock

If you want to really tamp down on spending this holiday season, look beyond airfares to hotel prices.

Reykjavik, for instance, is a lot cheaper to fly to than Dublin, but will probably be a lot more expensive once you get there, Solomito said — and that's particularly once you factor in the abundance of cheap eats in Dublin.

"Dublin is experiencing a renaissance in terms of the city itself," Solomito said. "There was this huge economic prosperity and then it crashed, and now it's on the upswing again." 

More good news: For many of these cities, cheap flights can be had on short notice.

San Jose, Belize City, Bogota and San Salvador all offer some of the cheapest fares just two weeks before booking, according to Kayak's analysis.