Here are the most outrageous Donald Trump 2016 campaign ads so far


There is no doubt the 2016 election has been negative. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are viewed unfavorably by a majority of voters. But television advertising in this cycle has been especially nasty. As Trump and Clinton further degrade each other, here's a look at the toughest ads Trump has released this cycle.

"Pay-to-play politics"

As Trump's campaign struggles to move past the #TrumpTapes scandal and allegations of sexual assault against the Republican presidential nominee, Trump released an ad that accused Clinton of taking meetings as secretary of state with people who gave money to the Clinton Foundation. This is, at best, a truth-challenged accusation. While Clinton did meet with some people who gave money to the foundation, they constituted a fraction of her meetings during her tenure in the Obama administration.

The ad also charges the Clintons have used their political power to get rich. This is arguably true, as the Clintons have amassed a net worth of millions of dollars following years in the public spotlight. Between 2013 and 2015, Clinton earned more than $21 million in speaking fees after her term as secretary of state.

Attacks on Clinton's "stamina"

"Hillary Clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world," says a scary voice in a recent Trump ad, as images of Clinton coughing and fainting run across the screen. Instead of wishing Clinton well and moving on, Trump has repeatedly questioned Clinton's health. 

As the Washington Post wrote, Trump's new ad is "brutal" and a clear attempt to move the discussion away from scandals related to the Republican. But the attack is so personal and negative it could backfire on Trump in the final month of the campaign. 

Attacking Bill Clinton

While Trump made a point of resurfacing sexual assault and harassment allegations against Bill Clinton before the second presidential debate, his campaign has gone after the subject for months. In this ad, audio plays of women leveling accusations against the former president as his face fades into view — with a cigar sticking out of his month. 

Bill Clinton has never been formally charged with sexual assault and such allegations against him have not been substantiated. But multiple women continue to accuse him of sexual misconduct going back decades.