'The Daily Show' asked Trump supporters about the leaked tape. Their answers are alarming.


While notable Republican leaders have denounced Donald Trump in the aftermath of the candidate's leaked 2005 tape in which he bragged about sexual assault, less attention has been paid to the everyday Trump supporter. How do they feel about their candidate's most indicting controversy yet? 

The Daily Show was up to the task. Correspondent Jordan Klepper went to a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to talk with prospective Trump voters. Their logic, however, wasn't exactly infallible. 

"You know what, so what if he wants to grab pussy — I want to grab pussy," a male Trump supporter tells Klepper. "I wish I could grab as much pussy as he has." 

Another male supporter took his cues from Trump's apology, using the oft-criticized "locker room talk" defense. 


But when Klepper presses other Trump supporters using a similar defense — guys just talk this way! — none are able to name anyone in their personal lives who would follow suit. 

"I don't talk like that," Klepper says to a female supporter. "Do you have any children ... do they talk like that?" 

"No they don't," she responds. 

"Do you have a husband?" he follows up. "Does he talk like that?" 

"No," she says. 

However, the consensus among the voter base echoed what Trump alarmingly suggested when he said he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I would not lose any voters." Despite his latest remarks, it doesn't matter what the real estate mogul says: He has their votes. 


"I got news for you," a male supporter tells Klepper. "I asked a lot of women here and half of them would love to have their pussies snatched by Trump. I got news for you." 

"That is news to me," a bewildered Klepper responds. 

"One man's sexual assault is another man's flirtation," the man concludes. 

Your 2016 election, America. Watch the segment from Thursday's episode of The Daily Show below.