Hurricane Nicole photos 2016: 8 Images of Bermuda in the wake of massive storm

Hurricane Nicole, the powerful storm that hit Bermuda days after Hurricane Matthew pummeled the Caribbean, is blowing further out to sea. All storm warnings for Atlantic costal areas have ceased, according to the National Hurricane Center, leaving little more than rip currents and large swells in Bermuda and along the east coast of the United States and Canada.

Even though its run was short, Nicole still did plenty of damage to the British island territory. On Thursday and Friday, local government closed schools and government offices, and thousands were left without power, according to the Royal Gazette.

A tree downed in St. Georges, Bermuda, in the wake of Hurricane Nicole.Mark Tatem/AP
Winds in Bermuda reached up to 115 miles per hour, ripping trees out of the ground.Mark Tatem/AP
A tiki bar in Bermuda toppled over during Hurricane Nicole.Mark Tatem/AP
Boats were let flipped or swamped after Hurricane Nicole.Mark Tatem/AP
After Hurricane Nicole, boughs were ripped from trees in Bermuda.Mark Tatem/AP

On social media, people in Bermuda documented damage from the storm.

Hurricane Nicole latest updates

As of Friday morning, Nicole was already hundreds of miles from the closest land mass, according to the NHC, and heading out to the middle of the Atlantic at a rate of 21 miles per hour. Besides some rough surf on the east coast, Nicole's run may be done.