Hillary Clinton polls: Clinton continues lead over Trump in latest polls

With just 22 days until Election Day, Hillary Clinton is now leading Donald Trump by double-digits nationally among likely voters.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll is bad news for the Republican presidential nominee Trump, who continues to free-fall in the polls after his first debate performance and the release of tapes where he bragged of sexually assaulting women. 

In the poll, Clinton leads Trump 48% to 37%. Gary Johnson is at 7%, while Jill Stein is at 2%. In a matchup sans Johnson and Stein, Clinton still leads Trump by double digits, 51% to Trump's 41%.

In a CNN poll of polls, Clinton is leading Trump by eight points among likely voters.

Donald Trump continues to slide in the polls.Kena Betancur/Getty Images

In another poll Clinton is ahead as well — but not by as much. An ABC News/Washington Post poll has Clinton at 47% and Trump at 43%. The poll also reveals enthusiasm for Trump among his supporters is waning; the candidate is now at 79%, compared to 91% in September.

Trump, who is warring with much of the Republican party, continues to blame his slipping poll numbers on the media, saying the election is being "rigged" in Clinton's favor.

On Sunday, Trump even insinuated Saturday Night Live was in cahoots with the Clinton campaign.