Fall Leaves: 15 Ways to Get Outdoors and Make the Most of Fall 2012


Well, the fall season is upon us and depending on where one lives that usually means cold weather and a harvest season full of memories. While summer may be over, there are still plenty of activities one can partake in to enjoy fall. From spending time outside, to trying something new, here are 15 ways to enjoy the season with friends and family.

1. Go on a hike or bike ride through a trail. 

Grab a bike or just your best walking shoes and go enjoy the fresh air through a trail hike or ride.

2. Take a road trip. 

This is not always possible, however those that live near a river such as the Missouri River, taking a drive down by the river can be a good source of reflection.

3. Go to a fall festival. 

Check out the local activities in your town or city. In some places there are carnivals and fall harvest festivals, both of which are fun for the whole family.

4. Do a fun DIY activity. 

For those that are interested in DIY projects, then there are plenty of things one can do. Kid’s enjoy doing crafts, though if adults have the time and energy then an idea could be to create a new desk or chair.

5. Think green.

Whether you are a gardener or just a busy homeowner, there are plenty of ways to think about the environment more. Since fall brings colder weather, it is important to think about how to save and conserve energy.

6. Clean up a trail. 

Take part in a volunteer activity by cleaning up a trail or walkway in your area. It's a great community involvement idea that lets one think about how they are treating their world.

7. Visit a farmer’s market. 

Around this time of year there are plenty of fruit and vegetables, such as eggplant, apples, and squash. There are plenty of green, organic farmer’s markets which sell fresh and locally grown produce.

8. Eat at a new restaurant. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand new restaurant, but possibly one you have never tried before.

9. Cook (or bake) something. 

Take over your kitchen and create something you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe you really want to try your hand at that pasta dish you tried once or try for that perfect cheesecake. You can then share your creations with friends and family.

10. Go for a walk. 

Bring along a friend and enjoy a good discussion and walk.

11. Visit a state park. 

For those that love nature, visiting a state park can be good fun in the fall months. There are plenty of festivals, hikes, and other activities for families to take part in.

12. Go to a pumpkin patch. 

For those with kids, this is a fun fall activity and sometimes tours around the patch are provided as well. Kids can learn how pumpkins grow and what it takes to maintain them. To find a pumpkin patch near you, use this directory.

13. Go to a fall parade. 

This is more fun if one has kids, though anyone can enjoy watching a parade. Some towns and cities have fall festival parades and many have a Thanksgiving parade.

14. Play outside. 

This may be the most fun activity to do. Grab a ball or a Frisbee and play around with friends in a local park or backyard.

15. Vote. 

It’s election season and things are heating up on both sides. For those who can, voting is not only important but it is also a civic duty.