Presidential debate drinking game 2016: Rules and keywords for third Clinton/Trump debate


The third and final debate to help determine who America elects the president of the United States will be on Wednesday. Fox's Chris Wallace will host the debate at University of Nevada Las Vegas and topics will include debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and fitness to be President. 

If the first two 90-minute shouting debacles between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump haven't put you off alcohol yet, grab a drink, any drink, and get ready to imbibe in our third presidential debate drinking game. 

Presidential debate drinking game rules: When you hear these keywords, take a sip: 


— Emails

— Radical Islamic

— She 

— Bigly

— "Yuge" (how Trump says "huge")

— Stamina 

— The Mexicans

— Scalia 

— Benghazi 


When the following happen, drink the entire time they occur:

— A candidate lurks behind another candidate

— A candidate speaks over someone 

— Wallace has to step in and break up an argument 

— Trump deflects from the question

— Trump says something already proven factually untrue 

— Clinton shimmies or does another form of happy dance 

Finish your drink if: 

— You cry

— You legitimately look up a way to immigrate to a new country 

— You donate what could have been beer money to the candidate of your choice

— You actually decide to switch who you're voting for

— You created a viral tweet from all of this madness 

— It ends! No more debates! You're free! 


You win the entire game if you blackout before the debate is over. Stay safe America!