Mitt Romney Won Debate: Recap of First Presidential Debate Obama vs Romney


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This Wednesday, Oct 3, at 9:00PM EST, President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet in the first of 3 debates. The 90 minute debate will be held at the University of Denver in Denver. The event moderator will be Jim Lehrer, host of NewsHour on PBS.

The main topic will be domestic policy, including economic, tax and entitlement reform. The format will consist of six 15 minute segments. The host will lead each segment with a question followed by a 2 minute response from each candidate. Afterwards Lehrer will be free to guide a general discussion of the topic of each segment. The format should allow each candidate the opportunity to provide more detail on each subject.

The stakes will be high for each candidate. Romney has been reluctant to provide details. He will need to convince the audience that his prescription for America includes the 47% that he appeared to have written off via his comments to a select group of fundraisers. Obama will have to defend his economic record and convince the American audience that the economy is in recovery and he has the best plan for sustained growth. Obama will have to be careful in his defense of his economic policy because the September labor report comes out less than 48 hours after the debate. A strong showing by Romney followed by a weak labor report could invalidate anything that Obama might say and tip the election to Romney. Both candidates will try to avoid saying anything new, but they may try to create a “memorable moment” that will give the debate some historic context. Health care may provide that opportunity. The nation has waited all year to see Romney and Obama compare and contrast Obamacare and Romneycare.

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10:59 Boxing fans say, the fight goes to the card, "Harold, how do you have it", "OK Jim"

Romney was the effective aggressor, showed ring generalship and had the cleaner punches.

10:45: MSNBC is exploding. Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow are visibly perplexed. Ed Shuktz says Obama was not prepared. Chris Matthews is screaming and hyper-ventilating. If Obama was there he'd  need security. Schultz and Hayes are fighting over how bad Obama's performance was. Gov Martin O'Malley calls Obama's performance "dignified refrain" NO, he got whupped.

Romney wins BIG!!!!


10:30 Winner: Mitt Romney. He controlled the whole debate,the flow, tempo. He was pumped and ready. Much better prepared. Romney will get a bump.

10:30 Loser: Obama.  Why didn't he attack the Ryan budget. How could he lose the health care debate. Why didn't he bring up Romney on emergency room care? What about Ryan's comment on 30% of the nation wanting a welfare state. He will have to do much better on the 11th


10:30 Jim Lehrer and the debate format. Romney beat the crap out of Lehrer.

10:30 The debate ended with no mention of the 47% comment, no mention of Bain Capital.They talked about the role of government but unions and collective bargaining never came up. Where was the talk on immigration reform Time to go to politifact.

10:27 Obama tried to sneak in his foreign policy record. Good line " Romney is going to be very busy on his 1st day." Obama says "I promised I wasn't a perfect man and that's a promise that Romney believes I kept"Obama sounded good in the last few minutes. He did a good job recapping. But was it enough?

10:14   Obama said "is Romney keeping his plans secret because they're too good?" I don't know but he is kicking your butt!!

10:10 Romney said, "The best thing to do for health care is to do what we did in my state" Obama did that and that will be an Internet ad by tonight.

9:59 Obama pulled the grandma card. Romney sounded strong on Medicare. Why doesn't Obama look at Romney more often. Bad optics. Bill Maher agrees.

9:56 Paul Begala tweets:

9:44: Romney's winning. Obama seems to lack passion. Romney says "He may need a new accountant" PWC is on the phone.

9:40 Romney lobs a personal attack on Obama. Romney says basically Obama doesn't understand business. He didn't say "community organizer" but that was a shot.

9:34 "corporate welfare" and back to drinking.

9:30 Is Jim Lehrer going to handle this, he's looking a might frail.

9:29 "Two wars paid for on a credit card"- two beers in 2 minutes. These guys have to slow down.

9:27 First mention of ObamaCare, Romney says it, Obama likes it. Start drinking!!

9:21 Obama accuses Romney of a Gilda Ratner moment, "big bold idea, but NeverMind"

9:18 That didn't take long. The gloves have come off. Romney scores the first audience chuckle " I have 5 boys, I'm used to people repeating stuff".

9:14 5T in tax cuts, 2T in spending, 1T Bush tax cuts, 8T w/o impacting deficit. Romney anxious to respond

9:11  Trickle-down Government.  That wasn't in any drinking game. Romney has been talking to Gov Mitch Daniels.

9:00 Will Roimney show up in "brownface" or two face:

8:45: Twitter Drinking Game

 UPDATE: 7:30PM  Happy 20th Anniversary President and Mrs. Obama.


Here's a slideshow of the couple sharing some love :

UPDATE: 5:34 On his show Hardball, Chris Matthews asks spectator, "What would you ask Romney", her response, " What are you going to do about cancer? My mother has cancer and she relies on SS and Medicare. She earned those benefits. She is not part of your 47%, what are you going to do about that" 

UPDATE: 4:42 An unscientific survey of 345 economists conducted by The Economist had cheers and jeers for both candidate's economic plan.  They concluded what so many people believe, we may be screwed either way, although they believe that it may hurt less under Obama. Interesting the article is dated Oct 6, 2012.