Brown Warren Debate: Mass Senate Race Polls and the Desperation of the Boston Herald


It must be a terrible time over at The Boston Herald, which sponsored Monday night's Massachusetts U.S. Senate debate between Elizabeth Warren and Senator Scott Brown. With a slew of recent polls showing Warren leading their mancrush Brown, the Herald's Op-Ed writers have sought refuge in a conservative echo chamber reverberating wholesale fantasies about the state of the race. If you read only the Herald's opinion page for information about the campaign, you'd be excused for surmising that Brown is ahead by no less than 80 points.

But the worst thing about the verbal bile that passes for commentary in the Herald isn't even its vitriolic tone, but its sheer boringness and vapidity. 

Take today's column about last night's debate from longtime Boston conservative talk radio gasbag Howie Carr. It begins,

"Does Granny Warren really believe everything she said last night in Lowell?

"I mean, this woman is a moonbat’s moonbat. She makes Obama look like a moderate."

Williams F. Buckley, eat your heart out.

This is Carr's shtick, and it's gotten so old, and so sad. His columns read like the Twitter feed of a 13 year old who lacks the vocabulary and critical thinking skills to express himself in a way that doesn't make him sound like an utter ignoramus. Except he's 60 years old. 

Here's more from the Wordsmith of Wellesley:  

"[Warren]'s for Obama’s 'jobs bill.' Too bad she wasn’t here in Boston during the ’70s. Did she ever hear of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA)? City Hall trained a lot of hacks, for careers in the hackerama. Most of them never worked again."

So because forty years ago there was some corrupt Boston city employee training program that constituted a — ahem — hack, erama, it is unconscionable that Warren is in favor of a jobs bill in 2012. Impervious logic.

Then there's this:

"Her only ammunition is Brown’s votes on all these fake roll-calls. Who’s her trainer, Chuck Schumer?"

Look, I know damn well who Chuck Schumer is, but I have no idea what Carr is talking about here. (If you do, please comment below.) 

Amazingly, Carr failed to include one of his favorites into this buzzword-laden column of his (is there really another kind?). He has called Warren a "limousine liberal." You know, because when you think of limousines, you definitely don't think of the Mitt Romneys and the Donald Trumps and the David Kochs of the world. Actually, when I think of limousines, I think of Howie Carr. Why? Take a look at the bottom of the website of Sunsent Limousine of Boston:

Apparently, Howie Carr listeners are "limousine liberals." Who would have thought?