Max Spiers theories: Death sparks interest in what UFO conspiracy theorist allegedly knew


Max Spiers, a student of UFOs and perpetuator of alleged truths, died in July at the age of 39. But recently, speculation about the nature of his death has gained traction, prompting some to question whether Spiers' search for the truth was to blame for his untimely demise.

What happened to Spiers? Who is he? What uncomfortable truths was he threatening to unleash upon mankind? Was the government behind his death? Are we actually all bit players in an interminable X-Files episode? Pretty please? 

Let's investigate. 

Who was Max Spiers?

Max Spiers/Facebook

"He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists," Spiers' mother, Vanessa Bates, told the Telegraph. Spiers was a UFO hunter working to expose coverups and had recently started probing the lives of influential figures in the political, business and entertainment spheres. Many people who knew him and knew of his work say that's what got him killed.

Spiers spent a few years in the United States before returning to his mother's home in Canterbury, England. Bates told the Telgraph that at the time of her son's death, he was in Warsaw, Poland, for a conference and staying with a woman he did not know well. The woman found him dead on her sofa.

How did Max Spiers die?

"If anything happens to me, investigate," Spiers texted his mother days before he died — or so she told the Telegraph

"Max had been digging in some dark places," she told the paper. "Somebody wanted him dead."

Spiers died under circumstances that remain mysterious, mostly because, according to the New York Post, no paperwork on the matter has been released. Polish authorities apparently determined Spiers died of natural causes despite never performing a post-mortem. 

Bates told the Telegraph that her son was a "very fit man who was in good health." Polish authorities gave her Spiers' death certificate, she said, but she has no further information — the Polish government refuses to give her more information on her son's death, she said, because she couldn't furnish written permission from her son. 

According to the Post, an autopsy was performed after his body was returned to England, but Bates has yet to be given results. The coroner's office told the Post that their investigation was still in its "very early" stage.

But one alarming detail in particular has helped cast further doubt on the "natural causes" ruling. In a taped interview with Kerry Cassidy of whistleblower group Project Camelot, Spiers' friend Miles Johnston says that upon his death, Spiers vomited "black liquid."

"A person has died here and I don't think it's good enough that somebody who just took normal medication should end up vomiting, spewing black liquid — whatever it was — and then shortly after that, whatever length of time it was, died," Johnston told Cassidy. 

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bates raised the possibility that her son had been offed by a satanic cult, noting that the woman with whom Spiers had been staying in Warsaw, Monika Duval, had sent Bates a book on black magic, along with images of her son in a coffin. Bates said she spoke with Duval on the phone shortly before her son's death, and that she could hear "all this kerfuffle in the background," which she surmised was the kerfuffle of "satanic rituals." Spiers' girlfriend, 31-year-old Sarah Adams, also believes his death to be the result of black magic and demonic forces.

Max Spiers' theories about the government and aliens

According to the Sun, Spiers was convinced that we are all under the spell of the New World Order, a secret cohort of elites using mind control in their grab for world power. The NWO, according to the tabloid, operates through "front organizations," involving branches of the U.S. government and both presidential candidates. 


Spiers also believed in the existence of Dulce Base, a subterranean facility where humans and reptilian aliens conduct insidious experiments on their subjects, according to the Sun

In the last interview conducted before his death, Spiers spoke about the existence of the Fourth Reich — that the Nazis who escaped the Third Reich went underground and joined forces with Allied elites (notably, Nelson Rockefeller) in the NWO, engaging in mind control of the entire world. According to the Sun, he believed that the Fourth Reich perpetuated the MK Ultra mind control program and was manipulating Big Pharma to further its agenda. Spiers allegedly believed that ministers of black magic controlled the NWO, and that many of the world's foremost political figures — Prince Charles, the Bush family — were in fact reptiles. 

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