'The Daily Show' calls BS on Melania Trump's defense of Donald Trump


The Daily Show saw those Melania Trump interviews with Anderson Cooper and Fox News, but like many others, Trevor Noah and his team aren't buying it. And by "it," they mean "almost everything she said, particularly about her husband's alleged history of sexual assault."

First of all, Noah noted, the CNN and Fox interviews were bizarrely similar. "In case you're wondering why it took Melania 10 days since the Billy Bush tape to speak out, well, from the looks of it, she was using that time to practice her lines," Noah said before throwing to a comparison between the two interviews. Melania Trump's quotes did indeed match to an eerie degree.

"Look on the bright side: At least she's only plagiarizing herself now," Noah joked.

Patrick Semansky/AP

But for all her seemingly practiced lines, very little of what Melania Trump said passed Noah's smell test. For example, when she claimed that Donald Trump was "egged on" by Billy Bush in the leaked 2005 tape, Noah was surprised. 

"You're telling me the guy who says he's going to tax China, wall Mexico, and knock the hell out of ISIS, that guy can't handle himself in a conversation with Billy Bush?" he said. "Apparently, Donald Trump gives in to peer pressure a lot quicker than we realize."

Later in the interview, Melania Trump compared her husband to a teenager — and that was enough for Noah. "If he does act like a teenage boy, why would we let him be president?"

Watch the full clip on Comedy Central's website or in part below: