Who is Malik Obama and why did Donald Trump invite him to the debate?


Amid Donald Trump's list of guests he hopes will rattle Hillary Clinton at the third presidential debate is Malik Obama, President Barack Obama's estranged half brother who now supports Trump.

Malik Obama's presence at the debate is truly confounding.

Malik Obama is a naturalized citizen and a Muslim, the kind of person Trump has proposed banning from entering the United States.

He's also Kenyan, which many say is a racist dog whistle given that Trump sought to discredit President Obama by questioning his U.S. citizenship and whether Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii.

Malik Obama has also praised dictators such as the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, who he once called his "best friend."

He also supports Hamas, an anti-Israel terrorist organization.

In 2014, Malik Obama was caught by the Israeli press for wearing a Hamas scarf, which says "Jerusalem is ours, we are coming" on it.

What's even more confounding is that Malik Obama's presence is unlikely to rattle Clinton, as she has no relation to him.

If anything, his controversial past could serve as a line of attack for Clinton during the evening.

Twenty more days ...