Donald Trump supporters on YouTube are filling debate comments with hate speech


Swastikas. Pepe memes. The repeated phrase "Lock her up." "Fuck Hillary." "Hitlery Cunton Satan." "Leash that bitch." "Gas the kikes." "Fuck Mexico." "PRES TRUMP 2016." 

That's what you'll find on the livestreams of the third presidential debate on YouTube, broadcasting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's final face-off for cord-cutters everywhere.

It's all expected keyboard diarrhea from the alt-right, a young and rabid collective of far-right netizens who have uniformly rallied behind Donald Trump this election.

If you want a horrifying glimpse into the throbbing, Mountain Dew-constricted vena cava of Trump fandom, try The Alex Jones Channel or the livestream "DONALD TRUMP LIVE FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE." A sample:


Here are some GIFs showing the comments in real time.


Where is it coming from? Trump trolls might be discovering the stream and piling on organically. But there's also some organized chaos on 4chan's /pol/ board, a popular forum among alt-right Trump trolls. On the front page is a bustling thread filled with repeated YouTube links, including the above, with phrases like "BEST STREAM GET IN HERE."

Mic has reached out to Google about the hate speech in debate livestream comments and will update with a response. For a neo-Nazi-free streaming experience, we highly recommend watching the debate on Fox News', PBS NewsHour's and NBC News' YouTube livestreams, which have made the canny decision to disable comments.