In feat of internet genius, redirects to Clinton campaign site

"Nasty woman" Hillary Clinton gets shit done — and so does the unknown individual who bought, which is currently redirecting to Clinton's website. The domain name is a reference to the gross insult Republican nominee Donald Trump hurled at Clinton during the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday. 

In the course of Wednesday night's "90 minutes of fun and frivolity," as Fox News incongruously described the debate, viewers listened to Trump say some truly scary things about abortion rights and some terrifying things about the outcome of this election. 

He also said some truly rude things about his opponent. As the Democratic nominee discussed her Social Security plan, Trump bent over his microphone to interrupt her.

"Such a nasty woman," he grumbled. Clinton, the picture of presidential poise, breezed right over the insult and continued to elaborate on policy. 

It's a dance we've seen the candidates perform before: Trump blusters and sniffs, Clinton ignores him and just keeps on getting shit done. That's why it feels particularly right that her campaign website has reclaimed the "nasty woman" label, appropriating it as something empowering in the same way legions of internet women have done in the hours since the debate. Click on and see what happens. 

Well played, everyone. Well played. 

Hillary Clinton wins again.Giphy