7 last minute Halloween costume ideas for marijuana lovers


Halloween is nearly upon us, but for some stoners out there, any holiday is just another reason to celebrate 420.

If you just read that last sentence and thought to yourself, "Great — time to break out the bong and the Rastafarian dreadlocks!" step away from the vape pen and listen carefully: There's another way. A better way. Don't go the way of so many cultural appropriators and Snapchatters before you. Instead, here's a list of last-minute costumes to be, so that you can avoid trotting out the same tired ideas every other pot enthusiast with fried brain receptors will turn to.

The Omaha, Nebraska dad who called the family cat a bitch after accidentally eating his kids' pot brownies.

Remember this headline? This idea is perfect for people who need two separate costumes this year, because if you were planning on dressing up as problematic fave Ken Bone, guess what? You can basically just repurpose that costume into that of the 54-year-old Nebraskan dad who accidentally ate four of his kids' pot brownies, got down on all fours and screamed obscenities at his family's cat until his wife called the cops on him.

Harry Pothead

You may say "tired." I say "evergreen." Not only did Harry Potter and the Cursed Child debut in 2016, there are apparently five Harry Potter spinoff movies coming down the line. So this terrible pun has staying power. 


An IRL edible

No, not a weed-themed edible — just make real food an actual component of your costume. As the night goes on and your buzz intensifies, you can yank parts of your costume off for a quick snack. Also a good life hack for any situation in which the munchies might arise.

Be a blunt. Literally.

Self-explanatory. Also, Schoolboy Q did it once, so that's cool.

Or just be Emily Blunt.

Do you think this look was just by acccident?

Evan Agostini/AP

Oscar the Grouch

Looks like dank, but isn't. Bonus points for subtlety. 

Abbi and Ilana from Broad City

Think there's no one who loves bud more than you do? Think again, because these crazy gals from Broad City love it! They seriously love it. These ladies are so obsessed with weed they made an entire show about it, and that's important because female representation within the stoner community matters. Pay tribute to these two heroes with a Halloween costume celebrating one of their wacky adventures.