Watch the teaser trailer for 'Barry,' Netflix's new Barack Obama film

If Southside With You wasn't enough of a peek into the early life of President Barack Obama, Netflix has another film on deck.

Barry, the streaming service's new original film, stars Devon Terrell as Obama — then known as Barry, fitting the film's title — in his first year at Columbia University in New York City. This sets the movie in 1981, before Southside With You (which explores Obama and would-be wife Michelle Robinson's first date).

The teaser trailer for the film, released Thursday, focuses on a man-before-myth theme; the person Obama was before he "created change" or "he made us believe that we can." Back then, the teaser says, he was just Barry.

'Barry'Netflix US & Canada/YouTube

Vikram Gandhi directed the film, which played the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Netflix bought the film there; Deadline reports that the film was priced at around $4.5 million in the early bidding stage.

Barry hits Netflix December 16. Watch the teaser trailer below.