Halloween decorations on a budget: Haunt your own house for terrifyingly cheap


Halloween, the high holy day of spookiness, is nearly upon us — and what better way to get into the holiday's ghoulish spirit than to add some dark decorations to your living situation?

Even on a budget, you can turn your humble abode into a haunted mansion in no time at all. Read on for easy ways to ramp up the scare factor in your house ahead of Oct. 31, without breaking the bank.

Toilet paper cobwebs

What haunted house is complete without some creepy critters hiding out inside it? To create a knockoff spiderweb for free, use an old roll of toilet paper to drape white threads from the ceiling.

Another cheap alternative is to use old yarn for a similar effect. Add a plastic spider to the center of your web for a spooky finishing touch.

Toilet paper roll floating candles

Since you just used up all of your toilet paper making terrifyingly thrifty cobwebs, why not put the empty cardboard rolls to good use? BuzzFeed has a great DIY tutorial that only requires six components.

A friendly ghost

All you need is an old white sheet and a small friend who moves erratically to drape it over! 

Drape white sheets over furniture to give it an abandoned look

If hoarding old white sheets is your thing, put any extras you might have to good use as simple furniture drapes in your living room. 

The easy modification will instantly make any room look uninhabited and spooky, and the added bonus is that you won't have to worry about anyone spilling drinks on your sofa at your Halloween party.

Use lipstick to write eerie messages

An old, cheap tube of lipstick is the perfect tool for writing bone-chilling messages on mirrors and windows around your home.

"Help me," "Murder," and "I see you," are all notes that are sure to send shivers down the spine of any who dare to enter your haunted home.

Happy decorating!