'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Demo Events Guide: Even more secrets revealed


So you finished the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo. You beat Team Skull and even learned to ride a Tauros. Don't worry — there's still plenty left to do in Nintendo's special preview.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo is packed full of secrets hiding in plain sight. Just talk to the right people and they'll tell you when to come back for a special event or prize.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Events: Where and when to find them

Every secret event in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo takes place in relation to the day you started playing (according to these Reddit researchers). So if you booted up the demo on Oct. 20 and a character tells you to check back in two days, that means Oct. 22.

The first secret event in Pokémon Sun and Moon takes place one day after you start the demo. Talk to the man in front of the Pokémon Center and he'll give you 10 "pretty wings" that you can sell for some extra cash. 

Don't worry if you missed that one, though: There are plenty more to come.

Speak to the girl in the back-left corner of town and she'll hint at an important meeting happening in five days. 

Talk to the man with a Pikachu in City Hall; he'll tell you his Pokémon's birthday is happening in 12 days. 

A police officer at the marina will warn you that a "shady deal" is taking place at that location in 18 days. 

Finally, a girl at the Ferry Terminal says she has to sail away in 24 days and asks you to come see her off.

If you manage to hit up all these secret events in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, you should be loaded up with items (and maybe even a few new Pokémon) to transfer over to the full game once it launches on Nov. 18.