Clinton vs. Trump: Here's a look at their latest campaign ads

With just weeks to go before the election, both candidates are ratcheting up their attacks against each other with new campaign ads.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's latest ad features Khzir Khan, the father of a Muslim U.S. Army soldier killed in Iraq who made headlines when he attacked Republican nominee Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention this summer.  

Clinton also released an ad attacking her opponent's truthfulness. Called "Google it," it lists several times Republican nominee Donald Trump has lied or misstated the facts.

Clinton also released an ad on Friday touting her policies on health care.

Trump, who has not spent much money on ads during this campaign and didn't release an official political ad until late August, has no ads posted to his campaign website.

The Trump campaign recently released a video attacking Clinton on her tax plan.

And his campaign released a video ad touting his platform on immigration and border security.

But in a year where this presidential campaign has been anything but traditional, both candidates continually rely on social media platforms to get their message out and attack each other.

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