Tropical Storm Seymour to strengthen into hurricane, but will it hit Mexico?

Tropic Storm Seymour is currently miles away from the coast of Mexico — but, according to the Weather Channel, the storm is expected to strengthen into a hurricane "soon." Does it pose any threat of making landfall?

Current predictions suggest that Seymour, which, as of Monday morning, was located in the Pacific, 400 miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, is currently moving away from land and isn't expected to hit Mexico. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued advisories for Seymour, but, as of Monday, it's expected to remain far off the coast as it strengthens into a hurricane and then weakens later in the week.

Tropical Storm Seymour is expected to remain far off the coast of Mexico for now.NOAA

But even when hurricanes don't make landfall, they can still bring up safety concerns for people in the nearest coastal areas. The NHC will continue to issue updates as Seymour strengthens.