'Civ 6' districts cheat sheet: How to plan your cities perfectly, in one chart


Civilization 6 is far from the most user-friendly game out there, but luckily, there's a robust community of die-hard fans who are eager to share their discoveries and strategies online.

One of the biggest changes to Civ 6 is the introduction of districts, which dictate which kinds of buildings can go in various parts of your city — for example, you can build an art museum in the Theater Square District, but not in an industrial zone. Makes sense, right?

That's not the only thing you need to consider when placing your districts, though. Your city will gain different bonuses based on what's directly adjacent to your districts.

Civ 6 districts cheat sheet

Redditor iotafox posted a handy cheat sheet to show you exactly what bonuses you'll get depending on what's adjacent to your city's districts:


For example, having a natural wonder or a mountain adjacent to a holy site will provide extra faith points, but there's no direct interaction between a holy site and a neighborhood.

Also note the three tiles near the bottom of the chart that have negative appeal, which will adversely affect a neighborhood tile. Again, makes sense — who'd want to live next to a quarry?

If you want to see that image up close, be sure to check out the full Reddit thread.

Happy conquering! Keep an eye on Mic for more Civ 6 tips.