People are "freaking out" over Kendall Jenner's supposed look-alike Kate Bogucharskaia. Folks, calm down.


Kendall Jenner has a look-alike in Russian model Kate Bogucharskaia — and people are besides themselves.

It may not seem like the most shocking news item, considering many famous people look like other famous people (see: Jennifer Garner/Melania Trump). Even Kendall's half-sister, Kim Kardashian West, has borne witness to many a look-alike. So this is no big deal, right?

Wrong! So wrong, according to numerous headlines purporting this to be the wackiest news since Lance Bass fancied himself an astronaut.

"Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This STUNNING Kendall Jenner Look-Alike," reads one headline. "People can't deal with the model who is Kendall Jenner's doppelganger," reads another. "People Are Going Crazy..." over the similarity, reads yet another.

Here's Kendall Jenner:

And here's Kate Bogucharskaia:

Sure, the two models look quite similar, in the same way that Javier Bardem looks quite similar to Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But the amount of coverage — and all of a sudden, for no obvious reason — is taxing, especially considering that neither has publicly mentioned the other, they haven't walked in the same show or even showed up at the same event.

Since modeling is an industry built on aesthetics and one that's often clocked for its unrealistic beauty standards, it's hardly surprising to think that two traditionally beautiful women would have similar features and therefore resemble one another.

And yet, here we are, in full-on "freak out." Folks, please, calm down.