"Trumpkins," or Donald Trump pumpkins, are moving the needle this Halloween

With the election only a couple weeks away and Halloween just around the corner, it only makes sense that the two would converge around their two most orange mascots — jack-o'-lanterns and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

That's right, Halloween 2016 is all about the "Trumpkin," or the combination Trump-pumpkin. Across the country people are carving their jack-o'-lanterns into Trumps, and the results are just the right amount of spooky — which is to say, very.

There are screaming Trumpkins.

And well-coiffed Trumpkins.

And screaming Trumpkins.

There are realistic Trumpkins.

And abstract Trumpkins.

And fully-dressed Trumpkins.

There are talking Trumpkins.

And lazy Trumpkins.

And more screaming Trumpkins.

There are wall-building Trumpkins.

And grumpkin Trumpkins.

And Bowie Trumpkins.

But in the end, if it's not screaming, it's not a Trumpkin.