First Presidential Debate: Watch Debate, Predict What Obama and Romney Will Do, and Win Prize

PolicyMic is super psyched to bring you live coverage of Wednesday night's first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Denver, Colorado at 9pm. To make this debate even more interesting, we want to hear your predictions on how it will all go down.

PolicyMic knows we have a healthy crop of talented users who have been providing keen insights on the 2012 presidential race. But how many of you can actually predict the future? Here are ten questions we want you to answer about Wednesday's debate. Users who correctly predict the most outcomes will get a pair of sunglasses, and be awarded a special PolicyMic Psychic Badge. So have it at, Nostradamus!

A lot of reponses so far! Thirty-one in fact. We'll keep the predictions hidden for now so as to avoid any Price is Right-style guesses.