Donald Trump Presidential Polls: Latest election polls show steep climb for GOP candidate


The latest presidential polls have better news for Donald Trump. Trump trails Hillary Clinton by less than five percentage points in the four-way presidential race nationally, down from about seven points earlier this month, according to RealClearPolitics

But a five point race is not particularly close. And Trump remains behind in several key swing states. 

The latest polls that have tightened the race are tracking polls. These surveys repeatedly ask the same group of Americans who they support. And in the past, they have had mixed results. Rasmussen Reports was one of the most inaccurate polls in 2012 while Investor's Business Daily was the most accurate four years ago. Both polls have Clinton up 1 point.

Meanwhile, an ABC tracking poll continues to show a wide Clinton lead: 12 points Tuesday, 9 points Wednesday.

Swing state polls

Independent of national polls, Trump still has a very narrow path to victory through the electoral college. Trump's recent performance in key states like Florida and North Carolina has nearly guaranteed a Clinton victory. Lately, polls in these battlegrounds have narrowed: Clinton now leads by 2 points or less in Florida and North Carolina. And his lead in Ohio has increased.

But Clinton continues to hold wide leads in Nevada and New Hampshire, at least one of which Trump likely needs to win the Electoral College. Any gains Trump makes in the final stretch in key battlegrounds may be offset by a loss in a traditional Republican stronghold like Arizona, where Clinton has the edge. 

Even if some battlegrounds swing to Trump, Clinton is still likely to win. She has consistent leads in enough states to likely win at least 272 electoral votes without victory in states like Florida or Ohio.