Stevie Wonder serenades Hillary Clinton and praises her work for people with disabilities


"Happy birthday to ya," Hillary Clinton! 

Stevie Wonder and hosts of the morning radio show The Breakfast Club sang the musician's version of "Happy Birthday" to the Democratic presidential nominee in an episode that aired Wednesday. Clinton turned 69.

Wonder was clear in his support for Clinton in his words and his wardrobe. 

"I'm excited [for Hillary Clinton] because I know that there will be a continuation of making the world more accessible to people with disabilities," the musician said.

He was also decked out in a black bomber jacket that read "Hillary Clinton, 1st [woman] prez," using the Venus symbol.

Mic/The Breakfast Club

Before the sing-along, Clinton talked about gun control reform, mobilizing young voters and why more people are not talking about the historic moment of her possibly becoming the first woman president.

I'm proud to be a woman running for president. I'd be incredibly humbled and honored to be the first woman president. But I have tried to emphasize to people that just like President Obama was a really good president — and the fact that he was black, I think was historic and unprecedented — but he also claimed and owned his excellence.

As for her husband, Bill Clinton — the potential first man, or first gentleman, or whatever — Clinton hopes he will "bring more economic opportunity into places that have been left out" such as inner cities, rural communities, Native American reservations and "places in our country that have really just been forgotten," she said.

The interview marked the second time that Clinton appeared on the hit radio show during this election cycle. In April, she talked about Beyoncé, hot sauce and her love for Brooklyn, New York.

Watch the full interview below: