'Pokémon Go' Halloween Event: Here's what fans are saying about Niantic's spooky update


The new Pokémon Go Halloween event — which increases the spawn rates for certain spooky-themed Pokémon and increases the rate at which players earn candy — is now live. A quick glance at Twitter and Reddit show that the feedback has been pretty positive overall.

That's good news for Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon Go. It's no secret Pokémon Go's monthly active players have been decreasing over time, so Niantic is likely looking for new ways to keep its millions of monthly players engaged for as long as possible. Based on the feedback, these types of special in-game events might be the way to go.

Pokémon Go Halloween event reviews

Here's a small sampling of the posts near the top of the Pokémon Go subreddit as of Oct. 26:

— Can We Give Niantic a Pat on the Back?

— Look what you've done Niantic! This sub is the happiest on Reddit now! Keep it up!


And here's what people are saying on Twitter:

If you're a lapsed Pokémon Go player, now might be the time to jump back in to earn some extra candy and catch a few Gastlys. You'll be able to do so until the Pokémon Go Halloween event ends Nov. 1.