This video shows why we need to talk about racism in the LGBTQ community


Racism is alive and well in the U.S. — you just need to look at some of Republican nominee Donald Trump's rallies to see that — but it's important to remember that racism isn't just a problem among old, straight white men, and being gay doesn't absolve you of racism. In fact, as Mic's own Gabe Gonzalez explained in a video on Tuesday, racism is a major problem in the gay community.

Whether it's whitewashing LGBTQ history to exclude the trans women of color who helped shape it ...

Mic / YouTube

Or the dudes on dating apps who insist that having "no Asians" in their bios is just a matter of "preference" and can't possibly be racist.

Mic / YouTube

As Gonzalez explains, caring about equality when it comes to marriage and not when it comes to black people getting shot by police is pretty hypocritical — and, if we're going to tell LGBTQ youth of color that "it gets better," we need to speak openly about racism in the gay community.

Watch the full video here: